Contextualizing Economic Impact


We translate what we know from elsewhere to the Belgian context. That way it’s easier to internalize findings, and make informed decisions on open data steps!


There are many reports on economic impact, but not concerning Belgium

When it comes to deciding on open data efforts, often questions concerning the to be expected impact are asked. This to be better able to judge which efforts can be justified. A lot has been said and written about the socio-economic impact of open data over the past years. But almost nothing of that directly concerns Belgian cases.

Foreign research is easy to overlook, so let’s contextualize

In practice research concerning other countries is often seen as hardly relevant for one’s own context. Nonetheless there is much to learn from the experiences of data holders that resemble one’s own institutions. The value that the open data of the Dutch meteorological institute is creating can inform decisions by the Belgian meteorological institute concerning their open data efforts. In the past years The Green Land has worked on a wide variety of impact studies, across various countries and sectors. In this project we translate those earlier findings to the Belgian and Flemish context. We are providing an overview of existing studies and findings, and show which specific cases and examples are mentioned. For each of these cases we will identify the relevant Belgian or Flemish counterpart. Furthermore we will indicate which steps can be taken to get a more detailed insight into the potential impact of open data for Belgium specifically.

Translation to increase the power of convincing arguments

Our challenge is to make sure that insights gained outside Belgium, are better understood and seen as relevant in the ongoing discussions about open data in Flanders and Belgium. This not just means translation in the literal sense (into Dutch) but also in the non-literal sense of transposing context, as well as making sure it provides a relevant contribution in addressing the questions and concerns of Belgian data holders.

Delivered in 2015 by Ton Zijlstra
assignment by Informatie Vlaanderen

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